Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Touching Spirt Bear Litsperation Post

So we have been tasked with thinking about what we would do if we where on Cole's Circle Justice Council. If I was in that place I would be thinking about what made Cole want to do such horrible acts and find the root of the problem. You could see that Cole's Father, as cole says, beats him if it is true we see the line of anger trickle down to beating Petter. If his father doesn't beat him you can see that he has anger for his Father that would make him say something such as that. I would see that the normal "cookie cutter" approach for justice wont be effective in Cole's case shown by the fact that this is not the first offence. He needs to heal and so does Petter along with Cole needs to make ames with his father or that conflict needs to be solved in one way or another.  

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