Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Free Right for empathy

mor see that ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there is compation to wards the kids she works with in the orphanage this is worng i know that life is crule and un forgiving but is also know that i am seeing others life and that i need to forge my own path and see that i can take care of my self and fly forward in the many places i go that my father does not duserve me as a mentor or to take care of him that my friends sopport me in my land and give everone a chance i know that people fly forward and that i see many people be effected by war or conflict that i need to not spend time with people that hurt me or  don't trully love me that i will taech and move forward with my life and love others and my self to fly to the moon and back and i can think of anything to right..........................................people see me as a leader that things could have worked out differently with aspecs of my life but love where i a in my life now and where i will go in the futer and fly forward to thousands i don't know fahnewfinoaergkfr where to go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i will see............... the light in othere and know that i am finding peace in reading and writing that i love to spend time with other people i was left by my father butso many good things have come from that i have learned to read my biggest passtion in life and fly tnadjkfjjjjdhdhdumumumumumumumumumumum i do not see others i don't know people i have learned so much from my mother she may have died but she is where i want to be to be a mother or to want more for my life that whzt is normal in our world or why we see so many people suffer and life emty lifes but to see all we are for life and i have no qlue what else to right i have nothing not enough tho my stepmother is a terrible person that puts others to do her work and only cares for her self she used my father then fell in love with him even tho he only used her all those years.