Thursday, 9 January 2014

G.I.N.S. Post #5: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Connections

Upon looking at the Afghanistan Constitution I was surprised how developed it was. It had all the same ideas as the Canada charter. After looking into there constitution was formed because of agreements with the united states government when they came to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. So it is not really their constitution and has less meaning to them. I think if Canada's charter of rights and freedoms was implemented that Afghanistan is not in the right place to enforce the charter. They are in a war torn country that is trying to rebuild and and set the foots of a strong government. Even with all this they don't have the police to enforce a charter such as ours. if you where to take mexico for a example, most police to all the police only want bribes they won't take you in if you give them 200 peso's. In a corruption index with information from 2012 mexico came in 105 for lest corrupt Afghanistan came in third most  corrupt country 69 places lower than mexico north korea came in second most corrupt. there is no control in the government at this point. So I thing putting our charter into place would do nothing for the issue of my novel no matter how you slice it.

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  1. Hey Liam,
    To start off, I really like your "Connection of Consumerism to GINS Book" post. Everyone was connecting they're GINS book to how much money is valued. I really liked how you also connected (at the end of this paragraph) how much people in Afghanistan value modesty. I found that you took things from your book and connected them to many different things. It showed that you were really thinking and paying attention while you were reading your book. GINS post #5 was also very well written. I was wondering if there were any specific right and freedoms in Canada's Charter that could apply to your issue? Great job! Keep it up!