Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Charter of the World!

In class to day I worked with Joel, Jatin, and Kellan on making a (add echo effect) CHARTER OF THE WORLD. You can find our collective document here. \/

When making the charter we started by righting down what we thought was relative from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We also all agreed in our era we needed to add online rights because on average people spend three to four hours on the internet everyday! With these numbers we had to add online rights to protect users. There was also disagreement on how to word the right to sexuality. Jatin thought that we should say sensuality but after looking into the definition it was more of an emotion of the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure. It does not really fit with homosexualize. So yay...  

Thursday, 9 January 2014

G.I.N.S. Post #5: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Connections

Upon looking at the Afghanistan Constitution I was surprised how developed it was. It had all the same ideas as the Canada charter. After looking into there constitution was formed because of agreements with the united states government when they came to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. So it is not really their constitution and has less meaning to them. I think if Canada's charter of rights and freedoms was implemented that Afghanistan is not in the right place to enforce the charter. They are in a war torn country that is trying to rebuild and and set the foots of a strong government. Even with all this they don't have the police to enforce a charter such as ours. if you where to take mexico for a example, most police to all the police only want bribes they won't take you in if you give them 200 peso's. In a corruption index with information from 2012 mexico came in 105 for lest corrupt Afghanistan came in third most  corrupt country 69 places lower than mexico north korea came in second most corrupt. there is no control in the government at this point. So I thing putting our charter into place would do nothing for the issue of my novel no matter how you slice it.

Connections of Consumerism to GINS Book

My book is called “Wanting Mor” and is about a girl in Afghanistan trying to survive. After loosing her mother, her troubled life is redeemed by her desire to teach others. Something that jumped out at me from reading this book was how little the characters ate. Naan bread and tea would be a whole meal for them, and the main character (Jameela) was often still hungry but till gave food to others. When she was at the orphanage she was drawn into the “popular group” and became really judgmental of people and even cruel at times. She judged people on looks or cleanness and really falls back into what we think is “beautiful”. This was so interesting to read because there are cliques even in an orphanage in Afghanistan. Another thing that was different was how people in Canada and other developed countries dress, where woman wear short shorts or V-neck shirts. While in Afghanistan, the women cover every part of themselves except their eyes in front of men. The main character said that when she was forced to take off her porani to show American men, she commented, “I might as well be standing there naked”. It really shows how we consume all these brand name clothes that are very revealing in comparison to other cultures and how we never think anything of it because of what our culture of consumerism.