Thursday, 14 November 2013

Looking into Afghanistan

In the book I am reading "Wanting Mor" Baba, the main characters father? (never really confirms it but is at least her guardian) is addicted to opium so I am going into the production/distribution of the drug. There is a surprising amount of information on this topic for example there is more land put to opium in Afghanistan then cocoa beans is latin America, or a farmer can make 4,622$ per hectare compared with wheat 266$ per hectare. You can see the appeal to the public to grow poppies. Another thing I looked into was orphanages and orphans because after her father leaves her, Jameela is sent to a orphanage. it says on the site that more than 2,000,000 kids in Afghanistan are orphans and over 600,000 kids sleep in the streets every night. From the same site it says that 400,000 children have been mangled from land mines, this applies to Jameela's stepbrother who lost his leg to a mine him have lost his leg it makes for a reminder of the war.