Monday, 30 September 2013

Whale Story

I am going to start of and say that this book is a girls story. I only red the first chapter but it was very girly in that chapter. Talking about the plot I could have seen it dealing with how the girl who lost her brother needs to deal with death and loss and the imagination of a child. However in the first chapter the wrighting was not mature enough for this kinda theme and tone so I think it will take a much more fairytale kinda plot of the brother actually being a whale. This kinda makes me sad I would have liked the darker story plot...

The Sea Devil

So to start off I should say that last week I was at Bamfeild which is a marine science centre on Vancouver island when i was there my humanities teachers got us to read and analyze two short stories.
I am going to talk about the first "The Sea Devil"

This story was about the the fight and how you can get dragged into it by your arm ;) i found that the story was kinda rushed and hard to follow at times. In the story there was some for-shadowing of him catching the great ray with the water moving and dark shadows.