Thursday, 7 February 2013

Book Review: Airborn

In Logan’s review he said that he found that the book lowed down at parts. There were no real examples from the book to back it up. I did not notice this at all in the book I found it very griping. I could maybe see some things that break up the story a little but over all it is very entertaining. Some things I have to support this is, about 75% thro the book there is a little bit of conflict but it is very miner and is solved quickly. Then all of the sudden things start to crumple apart, with Bruce being torn apart by a cloud cat, and Matt and Kate being captured by sky pirates. I could see how that down in between the action at the start and that could draw away from the story. Logan also said “Airborn is great book with mixtures of different things and different levels of how it’s told, mixed into the whole book”. Sadly he had no real evidence to tell me more about this statement. I don’t know what to say about this statement it is kind of of like giving you a algebra question that looks like this a+m x e you cant really figure it out with what you are given. I do see were he was coming from kind of with levels of how the story was told how there was old timey stuff like Matt blushing because Kate was wearing shorts and her legs were bear. I still have no idea what he meant by the first part though.  Next, he talked about how Matt and Kate characters work together even though they are so different. I wish he had gone more into detail with this part. I think of this to be very true because matt is very loyal to his ship and loves to fly. Kate on the other hand does not care about responsibility or if others have responsibilities. In the book Kate is always trying to get matt to go with her on adventures into the forest even though she knows he will get in trouble for this. Even with this they still seam to get along just fine. Lastly he talked about how if people wish to do what they love they will try to do anything to keep that wish a reality. I found that this statement was very true when I read through the book. In one the very last pages the kept this going by talking about Bruce “I remember him often still. We couldn’t have escaped without Bruce to help us. What made it worse was that I’d always feel resentful of him. And what made me saddest of all was that he died before he could figure out what his dream was---what he most loved and wanted to do with his life. He’d never had the chance.” Page 321
At this moment in the you feel as if you should be sad but in his death they did not describe it enough. I know this is a kids book but come on I want to feel as if I just lost a friend not as if I step on a dust mite by accident.

            There was lots of death in this book but the author did not describe them enough to make them sad so you could just shrug them of and not think about it really because they did not touch your emotions. In the book for the death of Bruce the author takes barely 1/8 of a page tell you he is dead when if the author did not rush the end he could have made you really feel something for the character instead of skipping ahead to more action. Cloud cat is foil character for matt by saying how he is crippled and can’t fly and matt is stuck on the island. In the very end of the book the cloud cat jumps of the Aurora and flaps and flaps for his wings to carry him till he sores and matt lifts of the island and is free. That is one part were he foils and latter he is attending the airship academy and he adapts to the ground and does not need to keep moving, and the cloud cat shows how he adapted to the ground but still flew again. The ending felt very rushed because their was large none action section on the book but at the end they get on the ship take out the pirates and fly away in 2-3 chapters and there was no action for about 1/4 of the book. This book was fantasy but you forgot it was fantasy because many things were written with details from the time period. For an example the ships were fitted with technology from the time but not many airships still run so it was a very mystical kind of adventure. Even though was a realistic but was still captivating. Then there were the cloud cats. They were descripted so biologically sound, on what it would take for them to fly, with using things like bat like wings and hollow bones. This made you really think they could fly.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Book Review: The Book Thief

Sam said that the theme is “You can always find light in the darkness,” I strongly disagree with this because. I really don’t know what the theme is for this book is but it is certainly not “the theme of this book is just plain and simple; In the darkest of times there is light” it not simple at all. Sam talked about that book ends happy he did not really have much evidence. I really disagree with this statement because, throw-out the book death, the narrator, hints at the end. When you get there you no what’s coming but not at that extent! I see how he could understand that but there was a little light at the end, but a match cant light up the darkness of the night. He very briefly talked about how the author used historical events in his book. He had no real evidence to back it up. Even though I agree that the author did a great job of this I wish he had gone more into depth rather then of focusing on the ending. In the book the author did a great job using historical facts in his book. However it wasn’t to bore you but to spice the story up and make you really believe that all this happened.

 This book dealt with some very touchy issues by having protagonist live in Nazi Germany, however with hints, it made both side of the war feel like a just cause but was still more on the allies side. I believe the author did this because allies won the war and it would not be wise to test them. Some evidence of this is this quote many people had just rushed to a crashed allies plane that was shot down in Germany.

“Carefully, he climbed to the dying man. He placed the smiling teddy bear cautiously onto the 
pilot’s shoulder. The tip of it ear touching his throat. The dying man breathed it in he spoke. In 
English, he said, 'Thank you.' His straight-lines cuts opened as he spoke and a small drop of 
blood rolled crookedly down his throat.” (p. 490-491)

 A lot of this book is not dialogue but an explanation of what is going on by death so it kind of make you feel separated from the characters but I think this is what the author was going for by having the narrator, death, say he try’s to touch things but can’t. The cover art for this book is great it so much reflects the mood of the book as it being weathered and old looking and how are world is on almost always the edge of war and one tap and the “dominos” fall. I loved how the author integrated the German language into the book but you don’t not get confusing on what the characters are saying.

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Litspiration: The Book Song

This song shows to me what can come from books and how they spark my imagination like nothing else. I really enjoyed making this it was very relaxing. I really liked thinking of different sounds that would fit well in the song.