Thursday, 14 November 2013

Looking into Afghanistan

In the book I am reading "Wanting Mor" Baba, the main characters father? (never really confirms it but is at least her guardian) is addicted to opium so I am going into the production/distribution of the drug. There is a surprising amount of information on this topic for example there is more land put to opium in Afghanistan then cocoa beans is latin America, or a farmer can make 4,622$ per hectare compared with wheat 266$ per hectare. You can see the appeal to the public to grow poppies. Another thing I looked into was orphanages and orphans because after her father leaves her, Jameela is sent to a orphanage. it says on the site that more than 2,000,000 kids in Afghanistan are orphans and over 600,000 kids sleep in the streets every night. From the same site it says that 400,000 children have been mangled from land mines, this applies to Jameela's stepbrother who lost his leg to a mine him have lost his leg it makes for a reminder of the war.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study

We where instructed to read the first 20% of our book and post about it, so here we go.For my GINS chose to read the book "Wanting Mor" the book follows a young girl living in post Taliban Afghanistan. So far from want i have read of the book i really don't know for sure what the Global issue is yet. altho there has been talk of religion, loss, war, and woman's rights. I there has been a couple of things that i have looked up like Jumaa which is a holiday for prayer. the main characters are so far: Jameela, she is the main character in the book she is very shy and wants to please people. Mor is Jameela's mother you don't ever meet her but get a good feel for her because she died in the 10th page, but she seams to be a loving mother. Baba is Jameela"s dad? I am not sure it never really say's but he seems to love her. He is addicted to opium and wastes his pay check on it and alcohol. He seems to go out on a limb on want to do. Khalaa is the woman of the house that Jameela and Baba moved to she puts Jameela to work in the house cleaning and cooking but does seam out side her had exterior she cares for Jameela. Faezana is Khalaa's daughter not much is said about her but she may be a bigger role later on.    

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Litsperation Chalenge "Six Covers of the Sea"

For my Litsperation I am comparing six covers for "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. why six? you may ask, because * ****** ** ok? Good glad we straiten that out; now on with the list.

I really like this cover it is my favourite cover of the ones I have here on my list. Altho it does not represent the books theme that well, yes it has the sea and the fish. But the art style does not fit the tone of the book and is too light hearted for the piece of literature. I still put it in because I still think that it is really quite nice looking.

What can I say, I am a sucker for fancy writhing. This cover is the most simplistic of the six but is still represents the book well. The style of the cover reminds me for coffee shop black boards. The background is a very dark blue that makes you feel deep in the ocean, it is a large contrast to the bright white letters of the title. Speaking of the title I really liked how "Man" and "Sea" are in a bold font and are all capitalized, this lets you take the most important part out right away the rest of the title is not as important so are smaller.     


This cover did a great gob of meshing the visuals with the text and shows both the main characters from the book. This cover uses the art style on the cover to set a metaphor for the challenges in the book.  This scene never happens in the book, but sets some foreshadowing for the long struggle of man vs. beast (or fish).


This cover is probably the most famous cover because it is the original cover for the book. In the cover the sea is very com but has a eery fog over the sea that sets a mysterious tone. I thought that the community in the bottom part is very humble and makes you feel even smaller compared to the sea. I believe that this cover works well with the tone of the book how there is so much possibility from the sea, in the book the old man has no clue what he will get. This cover does still get the right to be first and one of the best.


...and then there was two. For me it was really hard to decide between the last two because there are so different. On the one hand there is a battle of epic portions, using the wave to make a tail of the fish is really powerful metaphor for the fish being the sea. On the other hand there is this com peaceful picture of a boat being toed by a fish and is a slow struggle that looks evenly matched. "You are killing me, fish, the old man thought. But you have a right to. Never have I seen a greater, or more beautiful, or a calmer or more noble thing than you, brother. Come on and kill me. I do not care who kills who." Page 92.
 In the end I thought that the epic battle was bette- wait no the other one- but. I don't know which one is best, but I would love to know which one is your favourite so respond in the comments below.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Whale Story

I am going to start of and say that this book is a girls story. I only red the first chapter but it was very girly in that chapter. Talking about the plot I could have seen it dealing with how the girl who lost her brother needs to deal with death and loss and the imagination of a child. However in the first chapter the wrighting was not mature enough for this kinda theme and tone so I think it will take a much more fairytale kinda plot of the brother actually being a whale. This kinda makes me sad I would have liked the darker story plot...

The Sea Devil

So to start off I should say that last week I was at Bamfeild which is a marine science centre on Vancouver island when i was there my humanities teachers got us to read and analyze two short stories.
I am going to talk about the first "The Sea Devil"

This story was about the the fight and how you can get dragged into it by your arm ;) i found that the story was kinda rushed and hard to follow at times. In the story there was some for-shadowing of him catching the great ray with the water moving and dark shadows. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer Update

I am making this so if I have followers you will know whats up. Over the summer I read "Quarantine: The Loners"  I would recommend it to all of you.

Monday, 13 May 2013

House of the Scorpion and Gattaca Main Character Analysis

Matt is very similar to Vincent because of how they are treated because of there genes (positively in matts case). They still both are out casts in there society and work and work to change it and do but not as they first thought.  Vincent was a very roundly flat character even though we know him as a person we have no clue of the grand scheme of his life. I believe that the director wanted this so he seemed more like Jerome. This was different for matt because he was a oval character and he was the main character you barely know his skin tone and god forbid someone ask what is eye color is. Even as a character he is underdeveloped for he has no real strong personality he is a character with no soul (no pun intended). I saw that Vincent was influenced extremely by his brother and him playing chicken. This was so metaphoric for that he put his all into every thing “You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton; I never saved anything for the swim back.” This was a defining part of the character and is a metaphor for his goal for going to space. The book was over almost 400 pages and the main character was still undeveloped. But bye half way thro the movie you know and like Vincent. Matt had a dramatic experience when he was a kid but it did not shape that he was. It had a short-term affect of him not talking but he still through the rest of his life he was unaffected. In Gattaca Jerome was a brotherly figure to Vincent, in the book Tam Lin was a fatherly figure to matt and affected him through out his life but he did not seem sad when he found out that he was dead. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

House of the Scorpion Theme

I believe that the theme is "people must suffer for others to rise", this is shown through out the book. The theme is shown through El Patron taking the lives of the clones so he could live on. Also the lost boys part of the book, the keepers say we must all bare the burden of the rich so that we can eventually be the rich ones. There is more to this, I think it can also reflect about how poor people want more taxes for the rich but the rich are the ones that are in power. It is the same with El patron. It is the law to destroy clones minds at birth, but El Patron is one of the most powerful men in the world and can do what ever he wants and no one will ever question him. The other part that is relevant is the people that work at low class jobs we see them but don’t acknowledge them. They are still there holding up the rich and we just pass bye them like they don’t exist they are just there, they have always been there, and will always be there but we never stop to see them as them not an employee. We, are our selves can not support are our selves so we get immigrants to do the crummy work. In the book it is very the similar they would catch the people running over the border and turn them to eejits to work endlessly in the poppy fields. Matt himself rallied the lost boys and escaped but the book does say that the keepers get out and I worry for the lost boys because I can tell hell would fall upon them but no one seems to care about them in the book.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

"House of the Scorpion" Real World Connection

I am relating the death penalty to the proses of turning people to Eejits. First some background on both. The death penalty is a punishment that is saved for the worst scum of this earth, in Canada it is illegal but in many countries it still is practiced including the United States. Some of the states have stopped practicing it but many still do. There is a massive debate about if we have the right to control if someone dies and it is a very religious and moral debate. The process of turning people into Eejits is a fictional process where the person is implanted with a microchip in their brain that destroys all conscience and will make them have no urge to live if someone does not tell them to stop there work they will work till they die. If someone does not tell them to eat they will starve. These two things are related in many ways because a question that debates are based around is “do we have the right to do this to some one?” One could argue that turning someone into an Eejit is a death sentence because it is like when someone is brain dead. Many people would consider that dead and can chose to pull the plug on the life support. I think that also there was a connection with Jorge trying to kill matt in the bone yard and saying we must essentially kill the worst of the worst. This to me screamed the death penalty and I think that Farmer was trying to say something about that and how it was wrong. Earlier in the book it has matt meat Rosa when she had been turned into a Eejite,
“Rosa had been a real, though cruel and violent, person. Now she was merely a shadow with the life sucked out of her.”
This quote here is what made me make these connections because of how bluntly it is put, but many other connections just made me believe it more.