Thursday, 13 September 2012

Book Review of, City of Fallen Angels

Clare and Jace are finally together, and Clare’s mother is getting married. Despite this, all is not well. Simon struggles to accept the fact, even if he can walk in the sun, he is still a vampire. At the same time he is torn to choice Miai or Isabella. Jace is bombarded by terrible nightmares of doing the one thing he truly fears. Clare stumbles upon a demon-worshiping cult that are trying to recreate a monster, like what her brother was!

I thought the author tried to make it creepy but it was not successful because she did not use enough description. For example one part there was hundreds of hooded people in rafters watching Clare. This was not creepy to me because there was not enough description of the hooded people. I found the book rather slow at times because there was no big action scenes in multiple sections. I hoped to find more fighting in the book I thought there was too much drama. I feel as if I got to know some of the characters better.  I found out more about Miai’s past. Despite all this I very much liked the book and can’t wait to read the next one because it had the biggest cliffhanger!